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Is Your Fear of Video Keeping You From Moving Forward?


Are you in a place with your marketing that you know you need to ramp it up and start taking more action?

Do you realize that if you are going to become a leader in the industry that you need to start getting yourself out there, getting known, and establishing an online presence?

Do you know the power of video marketing, but you just have a fear of video and are afraid of getting in front of the camera?

You’re not alone… there are many who have a fear of video. Some will take that next step …others will not.

There are tons of different actions, activities, and techniques that can be added to your routines… and we will cover a lot of those as we go…at least the ones that I’m qualified to talk about. This particular post is about video marketing and more particularly the fear of video.

We’re not going to get at all into the technical aspects of making videos, or even the marketing aspects. We are going to get into just getting in fear-of-video-jpgfront of the camera. Everyone has to get started… and of course that begins with turning on the camera and start talking. It’s a little weird at first sure…. but you’ll get more comfortable as you go.

The problem is… fear will stop many of us from getting in front of that camera. So what do we do? How do we get started? How do we conquer that fear of video, and what do we video about?

I wasn’t so sure what to video about either, so I talked about the fear of video. You can see below. Just be yourself, turn on the camera, and start talking. It’s up to you whether you publish it or I right? …. so why not… just turn the darn thing on and start talking.

Yes there’s a little anxiety at first, an uncomfortable feeling and an awkwardness…of course.. but it gets better. And who knows you might find yourself a natural. I’ll always feel a little anxiety when it comes to speaking it’s just my nature… but it is what it is. Maybe I just want the results more than the fear.

So let me just get back to this for a moment. IF you want to excel, and take your internet marketing business to the next level, then you need to take your internet presence to the next level, and making videos is one of the very best ways to do that. It’s true that this is a relationship business, and it’s true that prospects are more attracted to those they get to know, it makes them feel more comfortable. It’s true that people will want to work with you if they feel a more personal connection. Lets face it there’s a lot of competition out there, and prospects are going to gravitate towards those that they feel they know better. That’s just the way it is.

by Brett Gurney

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