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7 Helpful Tips to Become an Internet Marketing Leader

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Do you think it’s important to be recognized online?

Do you believe it could be of some benefit if you were looked upon as an internet marketing leader or an expert in your niche?

What about staying consistent with your presence online and on social media… do you think that matters?

In this blog post, we are going to discuss methods to become known and recognized as an internet marketing leader.

There is no cookie cutter formula. It’s not a black and white step by step process. There will be unclear areas in your journey, but you will gain focus as you go. As long as you lay down a path for yourself and follow it, you will get clarity. I’ve included some steps that should help you along.


Blog often – even if you don’t have a following yet. When people start coming around to visit yourInternet Marketing Leader blog you want them to be greeted with plenty of content. Every post doesn’t have to be about your main topic. Still, it’s best to weigh more heavily in favor of showing yourself as having a knowledge in your chosen niche. This is a calculated process in slowly becoming known as a well-balanced individual and an authority in your field. You could start from a beginner’s perspective and work your way up from there. This way you won’t lose those who are young in their own journeys.

Social Media

Post on Social Media – you can post in ways that will get you followers. Provide thoughtful tips and encouraging words. Motivation is always a winner, everyone loves humor, and offer expertise about your niche or topic of choice. This way you are giving a mix that will keep people from becoming bored with your material. Readers don’t want to see the same thing all the time, or to be pitched about something they could care less about.


Video Marketing – even if you don’t like getting in front of the camera. It doesn’t matter …you can learn about creating cool videos without ever having to show yourself. If you are not shy then get yourself out there. We are in the age of video and that’s what a lot of people expect to see now. There’s a ton of info available and you can learn how to do small edits, so it doesn’t matter if you mess up. If you do, then just cut that part out…. no big deal. But using video is a great way to become known, and you can start offering info and teaching people about your passion.


Engage in Groups – like forums and social media niche groups. Find groups whose topic you know something about, and engage. Make conversation with others and you’ll make friends at the same time. Groups and forums are great for networking if you’re not just pitching your deal. People who see you offering useful ideas and constructive conversation often will reach out to become better acquainted.


Study and Learn – about SEO, and how you can optimize your content to be found in the search engines. You don’t have to be an expert here. You only need to know the basics to be as good, or better, than most of the other marketers on the scene. There are even plugins and programs that will do a lot of the work for you. For example, if you are blogging with WordPress you can get a Yoest SEO plugin that will tell you exactly what to do to optimize your posts. GoogleInternet Marketing Leader+ posts also get priority indexing with Google search, just as youtube videos do. It’s a great way to get “seen” by other networkers and prospects.


Articles – are also effective ways of delivering your message online, and you can easily find 3rd party
resources that will distribute those across the internet. Press releases can be categorized into this group too. Google could even pick up some of your content with these services and if you spread your messages far and wide there is a better chance of that happening. Write as many articles as you can and distribute them as often as you can. Chances are you will be seen and you will be recognized.


Teach and Educate – as frequently as you can. Providing useful content such as how-to tutorials is an excellent way to get yourself known as a leader. Informative manuals and articles are also great ways to render high-quality material. It doesn’t matter how it’s delivered, any of the platforms mentioned above will do just fine. You might have your own ways that suit you better. What matters is that you create the content and make it available to others.

To summarize …getting yourself recognized online and becoming known as an internet marketing leader is crucial to your online success. Not everyone is able to accomplish this feat, but it can be done by having a plan of action and sticking to it. Providing high-quality content that people can use and benefit from is the fastest way we know to get there. The goal with this type of marketing is to have those you network with, seek you out as the person they want to work with, as opposed to you having to chase people around.

by Brett Gurney

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