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Learn How To Market First … Then Choose A Company


Learn How To Market First – Sounds like a simple enough concept, but so many of us just don’t get it at first.

Have you ever found yourself spinning in circles and not going anywhere…. having to start over again and again?

Did you wonder if it was worth it, or if there was a better way?

I want to help…train…and share experience. I insist you do not do what I did. I wasted years spinning around in circles going nowhere. I mean we did ok and everything… going from start-up to learn-how to-market-jpgstart-up, and yes I did learn a lot…some what to do and some of what not to do. But it took a long time to come to the realization that there is a better way…. that I needed to learn how to market. This is not a knock on start-up companies… I have absolutely nothing against start-up companies and I would do another one in a minute if it looked promising enough.

What this is, is sharing the realization that you cannot depend solely on any one company…start-up or not. That if you brand yourself as someone who is providing value and leading by sharing knowledge of the industry with others, building your own list, create a following, and just learn how to market, you do not have to depend on any one company. Ever.

If you brand yourself, and become known as someone who has a little something to offer, you can build anything you want… be it a long-established company, a start-up company, or simply selling products or a service such as training or coaching.

learn-how-to-market-jpgLearning a few simple skills in this industry can take you a long way. There’s a method and an organized way to establish yourself as someone who is serious, professional, dedicated, and who can lead by teaching others those things. You do have to apply yourself, of course …you have to be those things – serious and professional, and dedicated – to present yourself to others as an example. But it can certainly be done by anyone. You just need to be determined and stick with it…. and do what’s suggested. Don’t do what I did, and think you can put it all together with a little info here, and a little work there…. It just doesn’t work well that way…you have to commit, focus, and see it through to the end.

It all boils down to this…. we all need to learn how to market. Brand ourselves as our own boss and a leader, not some representative, or some distributor of some company. That way if the company does go away, it’s more of a minor inconvenience, then a catastrophe.

by Brett Gurney

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