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5 SEO Tactics That Work Today – That Didn’t Use To Work


SEO Tactics That Work Today

Because of all the talk lately about Google changing the way they are ranking sites and what criteria they are using, I’ve found myself paying more attention to any posts or articles I see on the subject.

Since I’m relatively new to the ins and outs of SEO, these revelations to me are a bit pleasing. It seems now there’s more equal footing among all the participants. I’m hearing that what used to work doesn’t work so well any more. Could this mean that some of the kings of the hill may have to re-access, or even re-train to hold their kingdoms?

Regardless, us little guys still have disadvantages I’m sure, but where there’s hope, there’s also a will to beat the odds…and I’ve always been one to welcome a challenge with open arms. I’m more than willing to learn the SEO tactics that work in today’s world, and put them into practice to see where they take me.

So I’ll just keep on reading, studying, learning, and writing … and see what becomes of it. One of my favorite learning methods that helps stuff “stick” for me, is to write about it as I learn about it.


SEO Tactics That Work Today

So here we go.

The following is some of what I’ve been able to pick up on the subject of SEO tactics that work today, and what used to work that’s not working so well any more.

What used to work tactic #1: More links means higher ranking

I’ll say it again… having recently come on the scene, I never did perfect the art of back linking, but from what it sounds like here, that’s ok… it’s obsolete. According to Google’s latest algorithm criteria, quality over quantity… or maybe better said… “relevancy” over quantity. Now the question becomes what exactly is relevancy in Google eyes. We know the definition of the word of course, but in relation to ranking, what exactly is more relevant. I’ll be doing some more studying, and writing, on this matter.

But before I sign off this subject, someone said “when it comes to your website, don’t try to go after quantity in link building. Focus on building highly relevant links that are topical to the content on your website”. Those are the SEO tactics that work better now.

What used to work tactic #2: SEO is about writing keyword-rich content

Also known as keyword stacking, or keyword stuffing…. in regards to ranking it’s a thing of the past. Gone are the days of stuffing a post full of your targeted keywords to the point of over redundancy. It doesn’t look good, it doesn’t sound good, and it doesn’t rank good any more.

Times are changing, technology is evolving, and somehow Google can decipher words that are similar. It’s now more about user-friendly posts that make sense, and that linguistically roll smoothly… not repetitive keywords that are obviously inserted where they don’t belong just to have “more”. Use keywords in your post or text, sure, if they fit and make sense and it rolls smooth and is understandable and user-friendly. Google will figure it out and rank you for providing quality content that people want to read, and for practicing the SEO tactics that work in this day and age.

What used to work tactic #3: SEO is just links, code, and contentseo-tactics-that-work.jpg

That’s what used to rank… mediocre content, tons of backlinks, and keywords stuffed wherever just to optimize the site. No longer the case. Google is now looking for high quality content, easy reading that is valuable, and a site with a good social following. Social media now matters … to what degree is still debatable from what I understand there is a definite connection. Is your site popular? Does it have a social media following? If you want better rankings, don’t just focus on link building. Also focus on building up your social profiles.

What used to work tactic #4: More pages means more traffic

If google wants content well then we’ll just give it content … lots of it. We’ll just add more pages. Right?

Well … maybe once upon a time, but hold on now not so fast. Google wants content yes sure… but good high quality relevant content, not just lots of it. Adding more content won’t necessarily help you, especially if it’s mediocre content. If the pages are not high in quality they won’t rank well. Don’t create sites with thousands of pages. Focus on creating high quality content.

What used to work tactic #5: You need a lot of text to rank well

No…. not any more. Images, videos, infographics, charts, podcasts, and more will add more quality content and boost your rankings. Mix it up, keep it fresh, keep it relevant, keep it interesting, easy to read, user-friendly, but worthwhile and valuable.

So this is what I’m concluding based on the information I have seen, read, and heard… if you’re old school and notice your sites are not ranking like they used to, there might be some tweaking in need. Stop doing what’s obsolete, and start doing what Google wants to see done now. The SEO tactics that work today, have evolved from what worked yesterday.

by Brett Gurney

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Striving for Excellence

P.S. Stay tuned for more Internet Marketing Tips & Techniques and guides to building the brand of YOU.

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Brian and Felicia White says October 2, 2015

Outstanding post Brett! So helpful and informative. Things are always changing and this is definitely a good thing. We hadn’t heard that having pages and lengthy posts doesn’t work so well anymore so that was something new we learned by reading this today. Really appreciate you sharing such valuable content.
You’re leading the way! Rock on!

    Brett Gurney says October 2, 2015

    thanks for the great comment! Much appreciated. See you soon. Cheers BG

emma says November 30, 2016

Great post.
Things are changing daily now.
It is so hard to keep up with it all.

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