July 26


Are you addicted to learning? That could be good, or bad

By Brett Gurney

July 26, 2017

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Being addicted to learning is a more common event than you might think. If affects many of us.

Are you in learning mode? Is there a networking strategy that you are certain you could benefit from if you only know exactly how to do it?

So the logical thing would be to dig up some training and start learning.... right? Of course!


Learning is a good thing... heck learning is a great thing! But .... learning in theory and learning through application are two entirely different things, and unfortunately sometimes we get stuck in learning mode and just can't seem to move past it. But we have to. We have to move past it. Sometimes you just have to put the book down, and apply the lessons.

How many courses have you purchased, or how many books have you bought about how to market online? Maybe quite a few? If we spend all our time reading and learning and not doing, we will never see success. We might get smart, but we won't get rich.

Getting stuck in learning mode is an easy thing to do, and sometimes can be a really hard thing to get out of.

Hanging out on training calls and webinars can become a habit. Sometimes we'll hear the same lessons over and over, yet we keep going back to hear them again. Reading book after book on the same subject makes us an expert in theory.

Get out of that habit. Once you actually start implementing what you are learning, it's exhilerating. There's a great sense of pride and accomplishment that goes along with hearing the lesson, and then actually doing the thing. You can become unstoppable. That feeling will have you itching for the next lesson, so you can apply the new strategy.


List building, creating lead capture pages, blogging, image editting, video marketing, and so much more. There is a ton of educational information at your fingertips. Google and Youtube are your best friends for learning. We are in the information age, and there are no longer any goood excuses for not doing something, because you don't know how. And most of it is free!

Want to learn how to do something? Great... Google it. But you have to learn and then apply. Learn, implement, practice, evaluate. Remember these steps each time you see a course you want to take. Are you really going to take the time to do all four on the list? If not, don't bother wasting your time or your money. There's nothing worse than getting stuck in the learning loop, if you are truly trying to get ahead with your marketing.

I had to teach myself how to learn.

Sounds funny right? But it's true! I had to learn how to learn. Take the lesson, and if the lesson includes an action, then stop, bookmark your page, or record the time on the video so you can go back, and then go do the thing until you know how. Physically do it. Once you start, you'll be addicted to learning how to do new things with your online marketing.

For the longest, when I heard a lesson that included an action, I neglected to stop to take the action. Instead I told myself I would go back to that part later... first I would finish the training. It's so good I don't want to stop now! But I never made it back. Next thing I know I'm on another training. Sounds familiar?

I'm always in learning mode, but I'm also in doing mode.

Learning without doing, for marketing, is a dead end. It's the doing that becomes the real learning. Reading watching and listening will get you started. Doing will take you where you want to do. Nothing has to be perfect. One of my mentors talks about imperfect action a lot, and I've come to seriously embrace this form of moving ahead and learning. Waiting until something you are doing is perfect, before publishing it, is a dead end. Imperfect action will take you across the finish line every time. You will get better. You will get perfect, but you have to start, in order to finish.

by Brett Gurney

brett gurney

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