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10 Ways To Get More Clicks, Opt-ins, and Buyers

By Brett Gurney

July 16, 2017

Content Marketing, Internet Marketing, Network Marketing

Things are happening and changing FAST on the internet today!

Every marketer wants more clicks. It's their lifeblood and their path to success.

If you are in the business of selling or team building online you are in an extremely competitive space ... and I'll bet you've figured that out already.

The popularity of the internet and particularly social media has enabled all your competitors to be in the know ... they are more aware of what's happening online than ever before. They don't get fooled easily, and they don't sway easily. They are savvy, educated, and they have their BS meters up to full power.

more clicks

I think you know what this means ... you better learn some skills and up your game, because if you don't set yourself apart, you're going to get lost in the crowd.

The days of just "Buy Now" buttons are over. People are still buyers, they are just more careful and choosy buyers. They care about what they click on, and who they work with. But they can be had... there are still things that can be done to get those fingers clicking.

Here's a few of those things that can help you get more clicks and more sales.

1. Grab Them With Headlines - These days, before you get anyone to click to buy, you are going to have to get them to click to read. Headlines and subject lines are what do that. A good copywriter will tell you this is the single most important piece, because after all if you don't get the initial click, you get nothing. So what works and what doesn't? Impossible to say. You have to figure it out by getting creative and testing different ones. There's plenty to read and study about it online, but too often i see people over-train and under-action.

2. Laser Target Your Copy - Another common mistake is trying to target everyone. People naturally think the bigger the pool the more chance they have. Sorry but that's wrong. In fact it's just the opposite. The smaller the pool the more chance you have. Sounds odd, right? You can't please everyone. You need to niche down your audience. Study your audience and learn how to niche down. If you write your copy to the active participants in a smaller pool, your click rates will go up.

3. Saving Time - It might be as alluring as saving money. But are we certain? Do we know for a fact your audience wants to save time. Study your audience. It's quite possible, or maybe better said, quite probable. People are busy. They are in hurries and they want to get in and get out. "Time's a wastin"! as they say.

more clicks

4. Saving Money - Another click trigger is the prospect of saving money... usually. But do we know for certain? Study your audience. Are they interested in saving money? Don't assume that they are. Know by testing and asking.

5. Promises - This can help. Somewhere in the near vicinity of your "Get my free trial" button, place some extra words like "You will recover from your workouts 20 percent faster! ... or .... Get a better night's sleep! That is adding a click trigger that often gets people to click.

6. Guarantees - Everyone loves money back guarantees. It's expected now so you better have it. Guarantee like "No Risk Money Back" get people to click. Take away the worry and their defenses drop.

7. Facts Sell - Provide an attention getting fact near the buy button, such as: "Used by over 10,000 successful entrepreneurs." Then watch the clicks go up.

8. Larger Buttons - Get more clicks with larger and more vibrant buttons. This sounds like a petty thing but we might be surprised the difference it can make. The good thing about larger buttons is that you can stop putting "buy now" on your buttons and spell out what they will get.

9. It's About Them Not You - This is something I had to pay close attention to and incorporate more. Stop using the words "us, "we" and "I" in your copy. Stick with using the word "you" and making it about them, and you'll get more response.

10. And finally .... this applies to all of the above. Learn how to do split-testing. It's not difficult you are simply testing similar yet different ads side by side to see which perform. This will tell you what you need to know, to get more clicks

If you get more clicks, you will get more leads and sales, that's really the bottom line. So start putting these suggestions into action and watch your click rate increase. 

by Brett Gurney

brett gurney

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