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Tips For The Beginner Network Marketer


Ok so someone has presented a product and an opportunity to you, the beginner network marketer, that sounds incredible.

You are excited and you join with big hopes and plans. You are pumped, motivated, and ready to go. This product is so good it’s going to sell itself! That’s what they told you. You are going to tell some friends who are going to tell their friends and it’s going to take off! That’s what they told you!

Newsflash … no product sells itself, and no one has built a big successful business just telling their friends … sorry to say.

It’s a business, and like any other business it requires marketing …real marketing. Something you are going to have to get your mind around, and skills you are beginner-network-marketer.jpggoing to have to learn and apply.

Think about this….a master mechanic who knows engines inside and out, who can troubleshoot and is handy with tools, may not necessarily be able to build a successful auto repair business. It takes marketing, customer support and satisfaction, team training and assistance, lots and lots of followup, and more.

It’s the mindset that distinguishes the technician from the successful business owner. The mindset that drives you to take the necessary actions, get the necessary training, do the necessary daily tasks, the follow ups, and all the rest of the duties that need to be done aside from just fixing the car. The same applies to the beginner network marketer. You have to become, and portray yourself as the leader and the marketer…. not the “I’m a rep for such-and-such a company”. The product is not going to sell itself, and your friends are not going to tell all their friends.

beginner-network-marketer.jpgYou want to be a network marketer?… you need to start walking, talking, and acting like a network marketer. You need to get yourself all the necessary training and coaching and mentorship. You need to learn how to define your target market, connect with those people, show them how you can help them, provide a solution to a problem, convince them that you are a good reliable hard working sponsor, mentor, and coach, and show them the way.

Not everyone is your prospect…. not everyone cares what you are doing or what you are offering… not everyone has the same desires needs and wants that you have, and not everyone dreams like you dream. You have to learn how to find those people by analyzing, sorting, sifting, and priming your market.

There’s a saying you may know. If you owned a car wash who is your market? No it’s not people with cars, and no it’s not people with dirty cars… it’s people who want a clean car. Do you see? If you have a hot dog stand, you don’t need the best most super duper dog in the county, you don’t need the cheapest dog available, and you don’t need a supersonic advertising budget. You just need a hungry crowd.beginner-network-marketer.jpg

Learning how to target a market… your market… capture leads from that market, and follow up with those people in a non-obtrusive fashion and in a way that makes people want to listen to you, or maybe even work with you, is the secret sauce. This is a skill in itself …attraction marketing, relationship marketing, content marketing…. whatever you want to call it… or sometimes just simply being likable. will get you a long long way.

We will continue to talk about these things, of course. This is what we do and it’s what we teach…. but for now it’s all about your mindset… are you, the beginner network marketer willing to do the things necessary? How bad do you want it, how hungry are you, how determined are you, and how persistent are you. Do you have what it takes to stick with it through the tough slow times, because there will be tough slow times.. and do you have what it takes to go the distance. Not everyone does… do you?

by Brett Gurney

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Striving for Excellence

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Mamiki says January 28, 2016

Tell me about springboard when are you going to open it

    Brett Gurney says February 13, 2016

    hi mamiki and thanks. Yes I understand completely. I recommend checking out the Bonanza training for internationals… and also there is a debit card now for your pay

Mamiki says January 28, 2016

We are waiting for springboard to be open

    Brett Gurney says February 13, 2016

    hi mamiki and thanks. Yes I understand completely. I recommend checking out the Bonanza training for internationals… and also there is a debit card now for your pay

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