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Starting A Network Marketing Business


Starting A Network Marketing Business

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed in starting a network marketing business?

It’s okay to start even if you’re not sure when, where, or how to go about it. Really it is.

Sometime I like to reach into the archives and pull out old stuff to see what I was doing then, what I was trying to accomplish at the time, and how things have progressed. Here’s an old video from Jan, 2014 when I was just getting started with videos, and sharing some of the things I was doing via those videos. This one in particular was an encouragement to others starting a network marketing business, and to just get started even if they felt they didn’t have everything ready, set, and perfect. That it was ok to just put some things in motion and learn, polish, and perfect as you go.

I still fully believe in this concept, and although a little rough, my message throughout this video still holds true. Indeed I did go through a long period of time floundering around, jumping from prelaunch to prelaunch hoping to get lucky, and sometimes I did get lucky. What I didn’t know at the time the biggest stroke of luck was finally realizing it was all a lesson of what not to do.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those guys who thinks all start-ups are lost causes … every company had to start up, and fortunes can be made… there’s still a starting-a-network-marketing-business-jpglot to be said about timing. I do however know now that it’s not something that can be counted on… I would never again revolve my whole world around the success of a startup of any kind, nor any other company for that matter. I’ve learned now that when starting a network marketing business, it’s far more important to learn how to market properly, and to be building a new fresh list all the time… the right way.

Things are not the same anymore… a lot of companies have come and gone, there’s new companies opening up on a daily basis now, a lot of the old gang – your old list since day one – have moved on…either smartened up and found a good long term company to stay with, have given up on it all, or are still floundering around doing the same stuff we used to do, that doesn’t work anymore. So it’s become necessary to learn how to market in the modern world, and build new lists with new people. There are hundreds of new people coming online every day now looking for something, or someone who can help them with starting a network marketing business.

But the message is this….there’s a lot to learn… new techniques, new strategies, new platforms, new tools … and yes it can be a bit overwhelming at first, but the worst thing you can do is hold off taking action while you become the expert at everything. No… it’s better to just get started with one thing, even if you are not sure what you’re doing (the best way to learn is to just do). That’s how it will all come together for you… learn one thing at a time, but just get started with something.

Watch this video for more insight on starting a network marketing business.

by Brett Gurney

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