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You Don’t Have To Be Good, To Be Great

Sounds odd right?

But taking just a few action steps regardless if they are pretty and shiny or not, can really get you somewhere.

I talk about this a lot because I see far too many people stall and never get going thinking they have to be an expert at something. They are afraid it’s not going to be good enough, but it is .. it really is good enough.

There are so many things that you can do to start branding yourself online. Start writing or start doing some videos .. anything …even facebook posts can get you going. It’s ok…. you’ll get better, and more comfortable as you go. The main thing is to get your name out there as much and as often as possible. If others recognize your name when they see it, even if they don’t know from where, then you are doing something right. You are on the right path.

The key is doing it consistently.

Keep going and never stop and things will get better you’ll start becoming known and you’ll start getting recognized as on online marketer, blogger, or video person. Branding yourself is so key to making it online I cannot stress this enough. If you can get your name to click or register in people’s minds simply because they see you around often enough, then they are going to think you are good even if you’re not good.

Don’t read too much into that last statement about not being good. I was just driving home a point. You will be good enough and you will get better just by repeating over and over … until you are great. It just happens that way. You will progress and develop.

It doesn’t even matter if you have a perfectly clear path or plan yet. Most don’t when they start, but that’s how you create one. Your actions will take you where you need to go and it will all become clearer in your mind as you progress and get better. You will find your strengths because we all have them. Sometimes they are just hidden.

Nothing can replace teaching yourself how to market online by doing it and learning as you go. That’s the branding yourselftrue definition of developing yourself the skills of the trade. No one can ever take away your knowledge and once you learn about branding yourself and how to market online you can market anything you want. You can build any company or sell any product you want.

Branding yourself online is the best thing you can possibly do for yourself.

Nothing compares. Sure there are some plug and play deals out there that are good, but nothing replaces you becoming the CEO of you. If a person depends on a system, what happens when or if the system goes away. We know the answer to that … you start all over from zero. So build you …not some other company .. and not depending on a system to build for you … but build you. If there’s a system you can plug your team into, that’s great use it …but at the same time, encourage your team to learn how to market online and how to get yourself out there and get yourself known.

by Brett Gurney

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