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Using PLR (Private Label Rights) To Help You Build Your Brand Online

Using PLR

How Does Using PLR Help Me Build My Business ?

Private Label Rights are licenses that can be purchased granting you ownership of content. In our case, we will be talking about digital or online content. Purchasing the rights to content usually consist of Using PLReBooks, articles, blog posts, and sometimes eCourses and videos. Using PLR is a great way for a person to take over ownership of content that they did not create.

Who Should Use PLR?

This can be especially helpful for a new marketer who is just getting started online, or someone who knows the value of putting out valuable material on a consistent basis. Someone who is learning can use PLR material to assemble a library of info products for example. Anyone that knows the importance of self-branding and providing value to the marketplace may find leverage in using PLR to get themselves started. They will learn as they go, become known for providing useful material, and establish themselves as a good go-to person for information.

Choose PLR That Is Relevant To Your Chosen Niche

If you are studying internet marketing and brand recognition online then you may have learned about the benefits to having or choosing a particular niche or topic that you stay within and focus on. Therefore you would want to acquire content within that niche. There are many to choose from but it’s a good idea to stay within an area that you are already familiar with or have knowledge or interest in. This will help you graduate from using PLR and go on to creating your own content quicker. Your niche can be anything. Health related or finance related, or marketing related, or anything else.

Learn Where and How To Find High-Quality PLR

If you google your niche you will always find content and you will most likely bump into some PLR content before too long. You don’t have to grab the first thing you find…it may be low-quality material or overpriced. Do some searching and studying and look for PLR writers or providers who have a professional presence online. There are also some well-known websites that a lot of affiliate marketers use for selling their digital products, some of which will be PLR. JVZoo, Warrior Forum, Warrior Plus, ClickBank, and MunchEye are just a few that come to mind. After a while, you’ll begin to recognize familiar names and you’ll acquire some favorites.

Repackaging Your PLR

This is important. You are establishing an identity and a brand online. Therefore you want to find your own voice and your own style. Don’t use PLR as it is, repackage it instead. There are many ways to repackage content, but even if you just rewrite an article using your own words to say the same thing, you are then making it yours and giving it your own voice. Spin it, repackage it, rewrite it, make it yours. This is a great way to learn the content and to perfect your writing or video skills.

Use Your Content To Build Your ListUsing PLR

Take a piece of your new PLR content that has value, and use it as a barter for another person’s email address. This is how you build a list. It could be just an article, or a short email or newsletter series. Even the first chapter of an eBook works very well for this. As long as it has value and is enticing you can offer it in exchange for an email address. You can also learn how to develop an attractive lead capture page for promoting your freebie. Once you have an email list then you can promote higher value information products to that list. Some may be free, and some you might want to sell.

Using PLR As A Guide To Getting You Started

This is something that you will want to get better at as you go, and I spoke of it briefly already above. I use PLR to simply get me started and help me get my creative juices flowing. Using other people’s ideas and beginning words is often times enough for me to then just take off with it. It truly becomes mine as it doesn’t even resemble the original by the time I’m done with it. In fact, when you get good at this you can use any material it does not have to be PLR because you are simply using the other person’s content as research. You are doing the actual writing in your own thoughts, your own words, and your own style. It is yours. The original simply helped you with the idea and helped you get started, and you take it from there.

After I write my articles I continue to repackage, creating videos and audios, blog posts, facebook posts, and eBooks. I’ll even take it further and use a paragraph or an idea from my original, and drill down into that one subject and write about it in more detail. You can rewrite a good article many times over and have it become new original content every time.

So you see, using PLR can be a very effective and efficient way for building your brand online.

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