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My Internet Marketing Journey

My internet marketing journey has been just that ... a journey. Just as it is for every other person. I'm not an exception. Things change rapidly on the internet and even the basics will evolve over time. What used to work, might not work so well anymore. That's exactly what I have discovered. I'm convinced that if a person is going to "make it" in this profession, they better be willing to change with the times. That will require keeping some of yourself in a "student mode".

Reading, studying, and keeping up with the times and the latest techniques I believe is a necessity in this profession. I've seen too many marketers that once were on top of their game, get "frozen" trying to recapture the magic. Unfortunately, some of the techniques that put them on the top earlier in their careers no longer work. A lot of their old contacts have moved on or left the business ... so they get stuck.

internet marketing journey

This has been going on for me for a while now, largely unnoticed at first, but over the last couple years or so it came like a slap in the face. Once the realization set in I knew that some changes needed to take place, and fast. I knew that it was time to shift gears and change directions.

Time To Get Serious

So, moving forward, I'll be working hard at re-learning and perfecting methods that are current and utilize the tools and resources that are available. A big part of that will be providing education and good useful content that others can use to help them do the same thing. I want people to follow me because I want them to see the progress that I make. I'm hoping that those watching will be witness to a transformation with me in regards to my knowledge with internet marketing and the things that I can bring to the market.

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Every time I learn something, or do something, or apply something, or take a training I'm going to blog about it. This is for my benefit as much as anyone else's. I know it's part of the learning process for me. If someone else happens to benefit from it as well that's really cool.

If you miss me you'll be able to find me at home in my office with my face buried in a book reading something that I can then apply. Ok ... so it might actually be a computer screen. But I'm like a sponge right now soaking up everything I can get my hands on.... and you know what's really crazy... I actually enjoy it! I love learning new stuff and I love creating new cool stuff.

After I write about what I learn, then I'll video about it. I learned long ago that good content can be repackeged many times over with a variation of the same message, in a different way, that can benefit many different people.

Watch this short 2 minute video ....
My Internet Marketing Journey

It's work .... hard work ... but I think everyone should go on an internet marketing journey

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