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Storytelling Sells…Use Storytelling To Get Your Message Out


Storytelling Sells.

Are you having trouble recruiting new people into your organization?

Do you feel like you’re working harder and harder but getting nowhere fast? Are you pitching first and asking questions later?storytelling-jpg

In this post we are going to talk about a shift in the way you do things that might turn it around for you.

I’m sure you’ve heard some chatter about relationship building … but maybe you feel like “how I’m going to build my business if I don’t tell people about it?”. Well the good news is that you can tell people about your business, and yourself,. and a lot of other aspects of relationship building, simply by telling stories … this is the non-evasive, non-salesy approach. Stories sell, and communication with storytelling can hit hot buttons and get into people emotions. Stories touch, and they teach. I’ve always said show me a good story and I can use it to build a team or an organization.

Do you have a blog? …are you struggling with what to write? Storytelling is one of the most effective purposes for a blog. Tell stories about you, your products or services, and your business.

Here are 6 different kinds of stories you can tell, as well as some great tips for storytelling.

storytelling-jpg Stories About How You Got Started… you probably already have an About You page, but you can also get into more specific stories about your journey to where you are in your business. Anything that comes to mind…challenges, strokes of luck, coincidences, hard work that pays off, etc …. you get the idea. Or you can storytell about life experiences that relate and that led you to engage in your particular business.

Stories About How You Work … If you lead or consult… storytell about experiences that have a direct connection with your work. Use examples of how your leadership and consulting have helped others progress in their business or life. Talk about the trainings you do and how it has positively affected others around you.

Stories That Teach … Some of the best stories are ones that include a lesson. Positive stories are always good for sure… but don’t be afraid to also tell the stories of struggle that ended well… those are more real to many people. Lessons learned let people know that it’s ok to not be perfect or an expert… that there are others who struggled and figured it out, and they can learn from those who went before them. Admitting to mistakes, but how you resolved those mistakes not only educates, but also shows that you’re human too.

Stories That Communicate Vision … expressing your passions and your reasons why you do what you do are important, and storytelling is a great way to do this. What led you storytelling-jpgto choose the field or company you are in. What is motivating you aside from money. What pushes your buttons and how did you get there. Let people know you like to share your vision in the hopes others will catch it as well.

Stories That Demonstrate Values … Tell stories that exemplify your commitment to integrity and why people would want to work with or partner with you. Let the know your values and that you are serious about what you do and that you respect the industry you are in and that honesty means a great deal to you. I like to express that this isn’t a game or a hobby for me it’s how I make my living, but at the same time iI don’t compromise on my values.

Stories That Overcome Obstacles … this is big… everyone wants to hear stories about overcoming obstacles and fear..why? … because everyone has them and they want to know if they can do it too. When you give examples of your climb, including the rough spots and the dips and valleys, this can give hope and inspiration to others. Hey if this person can do it so can I! So talk about it…. tell stories about it… how you overcame and what encouraged you to press on. Let others know there’s nothing they can’t do if they set their mind to it.

And finally… keep it real. That is what people want to hear.. no hype no fakeness. Be genuine and be yourself. Just tell your stories… no one elses but yours, that’s what people want to hear… they will know it’s coming from you, and you will make friends and create relationships that can lead to partnerships.

by Brett Gurney


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