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Multi Platform Marketing – Who Should Do It

By Brett Gurney

May 23, 2017

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Multi Platform Marketing is something that all marketers should work towards perfecting.

Why? Because multi platform marketing boosts exposure, leads, and sales.

So what does this mean really … what is a platform? Every different social media site, website, video host, forum, search engine, etc, is a separate platform, also known as a channel. So it stands to reason, the more platforms you are advertising on, the more exposure, and engagement, you will receive.Multi Platform Marketing

Multi platform marketing can lead to higher returns on your investment, regardless of what you are marketing. If you are not getting your message out to a broad audience and taking advantage of all the platforms available, you are going to miss at least some of the audience you want to hit.

Having said this, there are some challenges involved in marketing this way. We’ll cover those now.

Keeping the Message

Have you ever noticed how users personalities and mannerisms can differ across separate platforms? Those on Linkedin may be distinctly different from the people on Facebook for example. You might find yourself trying to conform yourself to these different types of people. In doing so, however, your delivery might change and that’s not necessarily the best thing. Let’s not lose the message in the process. We might be on multiple platforms, but we will be constructing a link among all our channels, creating a path to follow. Stay recognizable throughout, and keep the same message throughout.

Consistent Branding

It’s crucial for our branding to be consistent as well. The goal is to be recognizable at a glance. Think of the big brands out there. It doesn’t matter where you are when you see them, you know who they are instantly. That will be our goal as well, although maybe on a slightly smaller scale, it’s as important to us as it is to them.

Using Channels That Matter

Your audience might be diversified, but it’s not everywhere. If you know who your target is you can learn where they are gathering. Having a target audience doesn’t do any good if you are not putting your message where they are hanging out. This is a big part of getting conversions and results. Having the right people see the ads is as important as the ads themselves.

Learning How To Deliver The Message

We talked about it. Not all people are the same. They can still need and want what you have, but they may be more responsive to different methods of delivery. So while the message remains theMulti Platform Marketing same, the way it’s transmitted can vary. A quick example is Twitter with its 140 characters, Facebook with its very popular live feeds and videos, and Google search engines being good for blog posts, videos, and articles. There are many variations and some styles work better across alternate platforms. Learning how to re-package your content can have big advantages with multi platform marketing.

Knowing What Your Audience Wants

It’s important to know just what your audience needs and how they want to receive your message, if at all. What do they need to hear? Can your product benefit them? What are their hot buttons? Do you know their likes and dislikes? Do they have a problem that needs to be solved? If so, can your product or service solve that problem? It’s never about you…. it’s always about them.

Putting All The Pieces Together

Staying consistent and on point can be tricky across multiple platforms. But even though the platforms are different in structure and name with various formats, they still work together. Keeping a cohesive and well-balanced message and approach across your multi platform marketing will help your brand immensely. Your audience will recognize you and you will appear more organized and cohesive.

Good luck with your marketing.

by Brett Gurney

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