June 7


Social Media for Creating Leads and Business Contacts

By Brett Gurney

June 7, 2017

Social Media for Creating Leads and Business Contacts – Can It Be Done?

Yes,  you absolutely can use social media for creating leads and contacts, but it must be done right to be effective.

You have access to an unlimited number of people in any niche you want… a networking event on steroids. There are some Do’s and Don’ts if you want to get followers. You don’t want to annoy people and you don’t want to waste time and effort.

It all starts with Knowing Your AudienceSocial Media For Creating Leads

If you are trying to put something in front of people who couldn’t care less about you and what you do, you are most likely doomed from the start. Make sure there is some kind of common interest with your potential prospects

Determine Your Goal

Are you looking for customers or trying to engage people with you in a business, or are you looking to just connect now for future possibilities? Maybe you only care about social engagement right now to get your Facebook reach numbers up. Or maybe you just want to expose your brand and make people aware of something. Maybe you are promoting an event or a charity of some kind. Whatever it is, know your goal so you can construct your approach.

Create a Content Strategy

What delivery methods will you use?  You have options … primarily videos and blog posts but there are many different formats and styles of both videos and blog posts…. and you can get creative with your Timeline posts as well.

Provide Valuable ContentSocial Media For Creating Leads

You have a strategy for delivery, now you must provide value. Posting good high-quality content that someone can use and benefit from in some way, is essential. Without it, you are going nowhere. So figure out what kind of content you will post and publish. But mainly just offer value. Educate people … keep them informed of interesting events and news and updates. Conversational type posts are best. Get people engaged and others will chime in. Have a lead capture page you can direct people to so you can capture their contact info to send them more value. And mix it up … don’t publish the same things over and over. Variety is best.

Improve and Complete Your Social Media Profiles

I see so many new social media networkers fail on this, which is silly because there’s really not a lot to it. Just provide some info about yourself. Often times the first thing a new visitor will do is check out your profile and your “About” section to see what you are all about. If you don’t have a decent semi-professional profile picture, for example, your visitors might just keep right on going.

Do You Have An Advertising Budget?

Spend some money – After working so hard to create high-quality content you want it to be seen right? Consider some sponsored posts and some paid advertising on Facebook. Learn all about Facebook Ads and about Custom Audiences and the different styles of ads, and so on.

Offer Something Valuable That’s Free

You can set up a lead capture page right inside of Facebook. Offer something of value to trade for an email address. Build your list and contacts right inside Facebook. By knowing your audience and connecting with those targets, you will get premium leads that convert.

Learn How To Create Good Landing Pages

Create a new one for each social media platform. You can welcome your new friends and offer new fresh content. This is an advanced feature but it’s something to work towards.

Using social media for creating leads is pretty easy if you follow the Do’s. With the number of people using social media now, if you learn how to target and contact the ones you want to talk to, and the ones that want to hear what you have to say, you cannot help but make some positive things happen in your business.

by Brett Gurney

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Striving for Excellence

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