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9 Simple Youtube Video Tips Guaranteed To Boost Your Video Views

In this post we are going to provide you with some very useful and easy Youtube video tips that you can apply right away. 

Videos are hot these days. You see them everywhere. Just scan your Facebook timeline or the Google search engine results pages. You can even surf the net and see videos on a high percentage of the websites out there now.

This is a sign of the times. A new generation of communicating. Videos are attention grabbers and they are more stimulating than any text message.

youtube video tips

And with a few very easy to use video editing and video creating softwares, a person can really mix up the styles of videos they use. From "you on camera", to "cartoon" videos, "sketch" videos, and everything in between.

People use and watch videos for many different reasons.

People use and watch videos for many different reasons. They are great learning tools for any topics. Other uses include keeping up with the news and world events, entertainment, fun, joy, and sometimes for just passing the time.

People also use videos for marketing

Neil Patel has an excellent tutorial on how to rank videos on Youtube. Neil is one of the top internet marketers out there so you go by what he says in confidence.

Video marketing has become a leading method for presenting a new service, a new business, a new idea, or a new product.

youtube video tips

Include communicating with team members and updating followers and you can see why video has become so popular. It is the go-to method for thorough and effective relaying of information.

And Youtube is the #1 place for watching videos.

Are you trying to do some internet marketing? What about content marketing are you familiar with this term or this method of marketing?

Video Is A Necessary Marketing Tool Today

Video marketing is an important piece to content marketing these days. Statistics prove videos get shared more than any other marketing method. They also get more comments and generate more interaction.

And of course that is the primary goal for content marketers... to create followers and engagements that lead to conversions.

But in order to create engagement on your videos, they have to be seen. Would you agree this is the most important aspect of generating successful campaigns with video marketing?

Get your content online so it can be found

We are not talking about posting videos on your Facebook timeline for the same 10 people to see day after day. We are talking about getting your videos out on the internet and being seen by new people.

People who may be searching for what you are offering. People who have an interest in what you are doing, or who have a problem you may be able to solve.

Did you know that Youtube is the #2 search engine in the world today? Second only to Google. Videos get ranked on both.

But they only get ranked if they are optimized properly.

So if you want your videos to be found, you have to know how to optimize them.

Luckily for you, and I, and everyone else trying to marketing online with videos, there are some simple Youtube video tips that can be applied. These Youtube video tips will get your videos optimized for the search engines in no time at all.

So let's get on with it, shall we? 

Youtube Video Tips For Video Optimization

Here are the 9 amazingly simple Youtube video
tips that I promised. 


Youtube Video Tip #1

Add Keywords To Your Titles ... Preferably At The Front

The title should represent the content accurately and should be keyword rich. Insert your keywords at or near the front of the title preferably within the first 3 words. Don't get cute with the title. No click-baiting.

youtube video tips

The keywords will help your searchers find the video but try to make it interesting and catchy too. Keep it relevant to the contents of the video.


Youtube Tip #2

Make Good Detailed Relevant Descriptions

I often see descriptions that are ... well ...not really descriptions at all. Put some thought into this it's one of the most important pieces to your video. Users and search engines are looking for a summary of what's in your video. Think of both while you are drafting the description.

Tell the viewer what they are going to get. What is the video about?

Be descriptive and to the point. It doesn't have to be just a one or two sentence thing. Think of it like a Facebook post.

youtube video tips

Include links if you have a website you want people to see, and a good signature. Let people know how to check out your product and how to check out you too.

Include keywords so the searchers can find you. Think about what the search engines will detect and index.


Youtube Tip #3

Provide Relevant Tags.

These are keyword tags. They tell Youtube what the video is about. Youtube then uses those tags to show searchers the right videos. Keep them relevant.

Don't try and trick Youtube or the searchers with keywords that are not directly related to your video. Youtube will know and they will penalize you.

youtube video tips

Think of the tags as backup keywords from what you already have in your title and description. Use short one word tags, and long tail tags. Consider what searchers might type into the search box.


Youtube Tip #4

Use Custom Thumbnails

Thumbnails are another indicator both to Youtube and to the user of what is in your video. So they matter. You can use a screenshot right from the video, or you can make your own. 

youtube video tips

Make sure your thumbnail is closely related to the contents of the video. Anything that will help your potential viewers know if they should watch your video.


Youtube Tip #5

Use A Call To Action

This is primarily for your viewers... but can be used towards Youtube SEO indirectly as well. Whatever it is that you want your viewer to do after watching your video should be included.

For example: since one of the factors for Youtube's algorithm has to do with how popular your videos are, you could ask your viewers to like, comment, or share the video.

Subscribers matter too, so you could ask them to subscribe. Maybe you want to send them to a website. 

If you have a blog post that is relatable with your video you could send them to that post. Or maybe even another video that could be considered a sequel to the one they just watched.

Include a call to action at the end of every video.


Youtube Tip #6

Shorter Videos Get More Shares

You want more viewers. Youtube looks for videos that they know are wanted by their user base. Likes, comments and shares are indicators of a video's popularity. Shorter videos will get shared more often than longer ones.

If you have a loyal following you can get away with longer videos. You know they will watch through to the end, but generally speaking you'll get better virality with shorter videos.

Some of this depends on the content as well. If you are doing instructional "how-to" videos they can be longer. How-to videos are in demand and will captivate the audience. Valuable, useful, content-rich videos can be longer. But shorter videos get viewed through to the end, and they get shared more than longer videos.


Youtube Tip #7

Optimize Your File Names

This is debatable, but after my research I'm leaning towards "it matters". Your raw file name should also be keyword rich. I like to make mine the same as what my title is going to be. 

youtube video tips

Regardless of the debates on this.... for just a few extra seconds of your time you are on the safe side.

In addition ... you can set the file title by right-clicking on the file name to get the Properties window. Choose the Details tab and you can insert a Title and a Subtitle. I recommend doing this as well.

youtube video tips

Set the file names before uploading the video to Youtube. Changing the names after uploading will not be recognized by Youtube.


Youtube Tip #8

Provide Custom Captions

Captions are rank factors too. They let Youtube know better what the video is about.

You will notice that your Youtube videos are captioned automatically (CC). However, the Youtube provided automatic captions are not indexed by Youtube. That means Youtube cannot use them to know what is being said in the video. 

Therefore they don't count towards rank. But they will if you edit them, or if you provide your own custom captions.

This Is The Screen For Editing Captions

youtube video tips

Editing the captions overrides the automatic file so they do become indexable. You can also import your own file.

Here's a good how-to video on that process by Zack of the Sales Lion


Youtube Tip #9

Share Your Videos On Social Media

I've been told the first 48 hours matter the most. So getting views right away after publishing will add more to your rank position. Share your videos to the world, and do it as soon as they are uploaded.

I encourage you to apply these easy-to-do Youtube video tips right away and watch your video views skyrocket to a new dimension. There's nothing better than making adjustments to your strategies that bring real results, and these Youtube video tips will bring you real results.

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