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Quality Content – Is Your Content of Quality Caliber?


Quality Content is King to the content marketer… but what consists of “quality”?

Quality ContentSome of the content I see being published is not only less than what I would consider quality…it just sucks. Including my own at times. Few people are natural writers so it takes effort . Content should be useful …. it should be entertaining, intriguing, or educational. It should have personality and meaning. Lifeless content that really serves no purpose would not be considered quality content.

Maybe this will help….

Make it Useful – serves a purpose…has meaning. If you can imagine starting with the words “How To” and continuing from there. Can you see how this would give the material meaning. Solving problems and providing solutions to different scenario’s that will give a reader a feeling of having learned something when they are done reading, holds much value…. to the readers and to the search engines.

Keep it Interesting – Give it personality and flavor… don’t copy someone’s elses writings people can see right through that. Be yourself and develop your own style. You can be funny, opinionated, enthusiastic, it’s ok. That’s what gives it character.If someone wants nothing but straight facts they can go to Wikipedia or some other facts site. It’s better to be personal than strictly professional. It takes practice to develop a writing style so just start writing. I know I sure need to practice that’s why I do it so much… Eventually it will flow in your own words. It’s ok to use someone elses material for ideas to get you going… but don’t copy and paste whatever you do… mix it up, re-arrange, and put it into your words.

The Cookie Factor – I saw this explanation somewhere online and it makes sense. When you are creating content that is of value, informative, and educational you are building Cookie Content. That’s quality content that inherently rewards the reader for consuming or sharing it. Creating content that compels the reader to share is the ultimate… when you quality-content-jpgaccomplish that you are in the game. There is nothing more powerful than words that readers feel driven to share.

It’s all about branding and building an audience right? … so what’s more influential to that than creating good quality content? Nothing. Good content builds audiences faster than anything else and will get you to where you want to be. It’s not easy. It takes work and it takes practice, but if you commit to it you can do it. Building your brand and your following does not happen overnight so don’t expect it to… but if you work at it consistently it get’s easier.

Give some thought to the kinds of problems your audience may need help with. What’s bothering them, what are they struggling with in their business, what tips or tricks or shortcuts could help them along, where can they be directed for more and better answers than they are getting now.

You get the idea. Now go create some good quality content for your readers and followers.

by Brett Gurney


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Striving for Excellence

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